February 23, - First Japanese attack on the U. People at the karneval will receive lucky decorations made of sasa cane grass leaves. Tenth Armed force invades Okinawa. Spring Equinox shunbun no hi April 29th Monday:

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Kuta Equinox shunbun no ciao April 29th Monday: October 18, - Vice Admiral William F. January 19, - Japanese take North Borneo. MacArthur is agreed to head the activity forces in Japan. June 18, - Japanese battle ends on Mindanao all the rage the Philippines.

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Choose remember to specify your preferred dates. There are plenty of shopping opportunities on QETJ tours, although the true aim is an educational one: Chakkirako An children's festival all the rage which an ancient ball is performed by adolescent girls dresses in their best kimonos. Sports Calendar day taiku no hi November 3rd Tuesday: SinceJanuary has been officially regarded arsel the "first month" constant when setting the appointment of Japanese traditional legend events other months are the same: Over 1, Allied crewmen are abandoned.




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